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2012-11-25 18:59:03 by mikik

My five day late post about my birthday...

as if anyone gave a fuck.
Anyway, I've taken a break from animation and ng lately but I left a few reviews here and there.

now here's a nice picture of Ranomess trying to be a metal head but miserably failing like the pussy ass Brazilian, cock sucker he really is.



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2012-12-10 13:54:58

yeah im going to make fun him


2012-12-09 12:41:42

i am not gay >:| i dont want to fight either and to tell you the truth im not really sure if dubstepboy is my i probably shouldn't have came here running my mouth just meh forgive me i think i should also make fun of dubstepboy

mikik responds:

That was a fast change of opinions...


2012-12-08 16:01:43

stop fucking with debstepboy debstep is my friend and from what i see YOU SIR ARE THE DICK

mikik responds:

Wow, Is dubstepboy really that much of a pussy that he can't defend his own pathetic ass? Yet, he has to have one of his gay butt-buddies to defend him. very sad...


2012-12-07 11:52:47

Well hello there fine sir's...

mikik responds:

hola senor kacper.


2012-12-06 12:58:09

me? is you that like to do trollposts, draw naked guys and i am a children?

mikik responds:

You are obviously a child because no one past the age of thirteen would have as shitty grammar as you do.


2012-12-04 13:34:43

you can continue with these troll posts and all that shit, but I'm not a kid anymore to care about that, I thought you'd grown too, so if you want to continue with this kind of shit is your problem, I have do with this? that is your problem, the damages are also your.

mikik responds:

You're sure not acting very "grown up". in fact, you are very childish.


2012-12-04 11:29:49



2012-12-04 07:10:08

At first I thought you guys were being assholes to Randomes but now after seeing his stupidy right down below...I can see why you guys actually like to fuck around with him. I can understand that not everybody needs to learn English but his retard level Is coming closer to lvl 189. And hes fighting whos metal Is heavier....what the fuck dude?


2012-12-03 17:51:38

afraid to respond? bitch

mikik responds:

No, I just have a life other than newgrounds.


2012-12-02 11:07:12

you think you are a bad little bitch guy no? i proved my Metal is heavier than your, and you so genial take a old pic that i look like a emo, to you fell better yourself, genial, really genial, to a troll.
And do not tell me that my english sucks because it is already obvious means, do not try to defend yourself from this, not talking about since I do not need to know the language of your shitty country, stop acting like a child and stop these trolls post, ah forget it, you are so patetic than i will not lose my time with you, want to continue with all your shit, ok it's not my problem, do what you want, you are not my responsability.
Just stop to copy my word style on walls of your shitty backgrounds.

mikik responds:

I honestly could not understand a bit that huge block of incoherent text. Oh, and about the part where you said that your metal is heavier than mine. I have no fucking idea what you're talking about. Even if it is heavier, why should it even matter?


2012-12-02 10:48:51

respond me, bitch, where you live?

mikik responds:

See previous response.


2012-12-01 11:43:35

where you live? you gay ass

mikik responds:

are you incapable of looking at the location on my profile?


2012-12-01 08:14:13

That's pretty much a metal head fail.

mikik responds:



2012-11-30 09:36:06


mikik responds:

That's my line god dammit!


2012-11-28 20:54:25

why does djjaner hates you anyway?

(Updated ) mikik responds:

Because one time I criticized a gun he edited and he went off on me as if I insulted his mother.
In a nutshell, he cant take criticism.


2012-11-27 07:49:26

They do exist!

I lied about buying you one, though. I don't even know you. Things could get weird.

mikik responds:

Indeed they could.


2012-11-26 17:38:48

well yeah but there kinda wierd shaped i mean like a gummy bear had a dick which was not waht i had at all


2012-11-26 15:10:04

it already exists in sex shops of any kind, trust me on this.

mikik responds:

I'm sure it does.


2012-11-26 08:46:50

Someone should make an actual cock sucker. Like, candy on a stick in the shape of a cock. Great novelty gift, methinks. I'd give you one for your birthday.

mikik responds:

lol, I've actually seen penis shaped gummy things. they're pretty damn funny. i was going to buy one for a friend's birthday as a joke.