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Death Metal Demo Finished!

2014-01-21 22:27:14 by mikik

Well I finnally finnished the first vivisector demo.

It has three tracks I'm pretty damn proud of so check it out

You can download the demo for free from here:

Also, check out my youtube:  




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2014-07-23 11:39:55

and by the way that comment was very old sorry about that


2014-02-28 11:52:20

are you Polichun

mikik responds:



2014-02-12 17:25:36

Fucking awesome man, sorry that I did not get the new version of your logo done, I am really fucking busy with school and this is my last week before my February holidays I get 1 week off so I will be able to work on some sketches on Photoshop.


2014-01-22 10:40:38

Demo? Damn, but they're good which is a +.

mikik responds:

Thanks. I'm working on a full length which will be released around the summer.


2014-01-22 02:08:51

So how did you get Nathan Explosion to be your vocalist?

mikik responds:

Ha ha! I love that show.


2014-01-22 01:48:16

i hate DEMO!